Econ 4002 note 1

Nominal Interest Rates Basic Terms: An asset is anything of durable value, that is, anything that acts as a means to store value over time.

Econ 4002 note 1

Human resources are also called labor, which can be physical or mental. Capital resources are man-made resources that help production. Natural resources are God's gifts of nature, and include forests, water, and minerals 5. These three are called factors of production because they are used to produce goods and services.

Can resources meet our needs and wants?

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What economic problems are caused by scarcity? Resources are limited so societies face the problem of making choices of several options. Society can make choices about what is produced see 7. The scarcer the goods, the more valuable they are.

The price of a particular good is the measure of scarcity. When scarcity forces a choice of one good over another. The good that is not chosen is the opportunity cost.

You can go to the movies or a restaurant. If you choose the movie, the opportunity cost is the restaurant. How is the price of goods and services determined? Price determined by supply and demand 2.

Econ 4002 note 1

Supply is the quantity that is offered for sale 3. Demand is the quantity the consumers are willing to purchase 4. The price is the point where buyers and sellers agree How does supply and demand affect the price? Supply drops, prices rise Demand drops, prices fall 2.

When prices are determined by supply and demand, the economy is called competitive market economy. Besides supply and demand, what other factors determine price?

The number of sellers influences price a A monopoly is when there is only one seller; for example, Hydro-Quebec b An Oligopoly is when there are several sellers as in the case with oil companies and brewers. These firm decide on a price chocolate bar companies 2. Governments regulate the price of certain items such as telephones and liquor, and often control prices through government agencies; for example the Canadian Wheat Board, and the Milk Marketing Board.

What is a command economy? A market economy is where prices and wages are determined by demand. Private individuals are free to own businesses Workers salaries are fixed by the government The government controls what goods are produced The economy is centrally planned, which means that power and authority are held by the government and not certain individuals.Attila Ambrus Professor of Economics.

Office: Social Sciences, Box , Durham, NC Campus Box: Box , Durham, NC [email protected] Aug 16,  · First note how this change in regime compares with the regime change ten years ago when China went off the peg with the dollar. The chart below plots the percentage change in the Chinese Yuan per dollar in the two periods.

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Econ 4002 note 1

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