Essay on being a conformist

What sphinx of cement and aluminum bashed open their skulls and ate up their brains and imagination? Ashcans and unobtainable dollars! Children screaming under the stairways!

Essay on being a conformist

His father, Sir William Wilde, was an eminent Victorian and a doctor of aural surgery.

Need essay sample on Who I Am I am a conformist: I heartily embrace the fad of rejecting labels because, after all, is there anything more fundamentally individual than doing so? My generation can no longer consider ourselves in terms of being particularists or specialists; rather, we will be called upon to function and think as. a non-conformist because if everybody was the same and followed the same rules there would be no change. according to emerson, what effect does being in nature have on him? what conclusions does he draw? happy to brink of fear; makes him feel young and alive. In Ralph Waldo Emerson's essay "Self Reliance" and Henry David Thoreau's essay "Resistance to Civil Government ("Civil Disobedience"), both transcendentalist thinkers speak about being individual and what reforms and changes need to be made in our society.

Wilde's mother, Jane Francesca Elgee or Lady Wildesaw herself as a revolutionary and liked to trace her family through the Italian line of Alighieris, including Dante.

An Irish nationalist, she wrote under the pen name Speranza. She attracted artists like herself and established a literary salon devoted to intellectual and artistic conversations of the day, through which Lady Wilde brought literature, an interest in art and culture, and an elegance and appreciation for wit into the lives of her children.

Wilde had two siblings: These offspring would not experience a standard, conventional childhood. Through their home passed intellectuals, artists, and internationally known doctors — and the children were not left to a governess or nanny.

Allowed to mingle and eat with the guests, they learned to value intellectual and witty conversation, an influence that would have profound and long-lasting effects on young Oscar Wilde. Education, Travel, and Celebrity Wilde was given the advantage of a superior education.

At age 11, he entered the exclusive Portora Royal School and began to assert the scholarship and intellect that would bring him both great celebrity and great sadness.

Essay on being a conformist

His long interest in all things Greek began at Portora. Winning several prizes, he was already a first-rate classics scholar and ready to pursue serious studies. Wilde went on to Trinity College where he extended his interest in the classics and his long list of intellectual accomplishments.

He won an additional scholarship, made first class in examinations, received a composition prize for Greek verse, and the Berkeley Gold Medal for Greek.

Essay on being a conformist

In he received a scholarship to Magdalen College in Oxford. His lifelong love of the classics would continue through his university career and immensely influence his subsequent writing. Little did he know what turns and twists his life would take when he entered Oxford and came under the influence of three very powerful professors.

Wilde's four years at Oxford were dizzy, personality-changing times. By graduation he was firmly committed to the pursuit of pleasure and the careful devising of a public persona, which included unconventional clothing and the pose of a dandy.

Wilde's direction in life changed because of the influence of three professors — Ruskin, Pater, and Mahaffy. Ruskin believed civilizations could be judged by their art, which must consider and reflect moral values.

Ruskin also stirred Wilde's aristocratic soul with social concerns in his insistence that his students identify with the working class and do manual labor. His influence on Wilde's social conscience is undeniable, and it permeates Wilde's plays and his essay, "The Soul of Man Under Socialism.

Influenced by Keats and his ideas of truth and beauty, he believed art should be loved and appreciated for its own sake. His prose style influenced young Wilde, and his ideas seemed to fit Wilde's new-found proclivities.

Pater emphasized art for art's sake and urged his students to live with passion and for sensual pleasure, testing new ideas and not conforming to the orthodoxy.

Pater was planting seeds in fertile ground. The Aesthetic Movement, an avant-garde philosophy of the s, was in full bloom, and its advocates were critical of the heavy, moralistic Victorian taste. They wanted to pursue forms of beauty in opposition to the art and architecture of the day.

A cultural forum in ever-shifting standing

Wilde could not agree more. He went overboard into aesthetics, adopting extravagant clothing styles, which continued when he left Oxford for London in He thought of himself as an aesthete, poet, writer, and nonconformist — and he wanted to be famous or at least infamous.

A third influence on Wilde at Oxford was Mahaffy, an Oxford professor of ancient history.Essay on Conformity Conformity: the state of having changed yourself to match the appearances and/or personalities of those around you.

In many cases, people feel the need to conform because they wish to feel a part of something bigger than them. The non-conformist in Emerson rejects many of society's moral sentiments. For example, he claims that an abolitionist should worry more about his or her own family and community at home than about "black folk a thousand miles off," and he chides people who give money to the poor.

Oct 22,  · Conformity Essays (Examples) Because of the fear of not being hired, few employees (including myself) are willing to discuss initial expectations with a supervisor upon entry into a company. Essay Paper #: Conformist Explicating Conformity The Conformist, which was directed by the noteworthy Italian filmmaker Bernardo.

Sam Altman’s Manifest Destiny Is the head of Y Combinator fixing the world, or trying to take over Silicon Valley? In Feys paper "The Sociology of Leopard Man", he explains Leopard Man as being a person who doesn't care about being Diffrent, or a non- conformist.

A non conformist explains more like a person who likes to be diffrent and prefers to be themselves. When I was an undergraduate, I believed that the prevalence of positivism in the social sciences – the idea of studying social phenomena in an “objective” or “value-free” manner – was one of the great evils in the world.

Conformity, Compliance, and Obedience