Has the impact of 9 11 been

Explore the latest strategic trends, research and analysis It was perhaps the most defining moment of recent history, the type of event that most people will witness only once in a lifetime. The attacks — and just as importantly, the response to them — would go on to transform US foreign policy, and the millions of people affected by that. It would also call into question all the values the superpower had claimed to represent. We asked leading foreign policy experts that question.

Has the impact of 9 11 been

It was a brief moment of American moral supremacy.

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Yet by launching armed aggression, first against Afghanistan and then against Iraq, America wholly squandered this gain. The aggression led to a tide of anti-Americanism and surge of support for fanatical Islamism across the Muslim world.

The wars cost tens of thousands of lives and caused mass destruction. The billions of dollars expended on them was financed largely from borrowing, which in turn has destabilised the world economy.

He saw widespread hostility towards the west and its aggressive behaviour in the Muslim world. Civil liberties were curbed and governments reverted to cold war paranoia. America was again the great Satan.

The peace dividend so eagerly awaited at the end of the 20th century evaporated as the security industry exploited counter-terrorism and seized every chance of profit and risk aversion.

Bin Laden became a role model for fanatics everywhere. For Americans it genuinely was a new Pearl Harbour, an attack on the homeland that made them feel vulnerable for the first time in 60 years.

It turned an administration with quasi-isolationist tendencies into one committed to robust intervention overseas. The outcome was a new focus on combating global terrorism, particularly al-Qaida.

Huge new resources were thrown into the battle. The group has since been unable to mount so spectacular an attack again. The Arab spring has now rendered it almost irrelevant. In retrospect, perhaps the west put too much effort into the physical battle against international terrorism and not enough into addressing the grievances the extremists were able to exploit, particularly the failure to advance peace in the Middle East.

The destruction of the twin towers graphically illustrated the dark side of globalisation.

New America

Terrorists used the tools of a modern global society, the internet, open borders and hi-tech aeroplanes, to attack the west at home. Fortunately, they failed to provoke our societies into closing their borders and hunkering down at home and instead we reacted with a greater willingness to engage internationally.

The attack gave birth to an unprecedented universal coalition of revulsion.

Has the impact of 9 11 been

That consensus fragmented over Iraq. Divisions over Afghanistan, Libya and Syria show that it has not yet been rebuilt. I hope one day it can be recaptured without a repeat of the appalling tragedy that first brought it into being.The pre-9/11 America has begun to reveal itself again, in a new form – but definitely recognisable.

America's political argument remains centred on the role of government at home and imperial. Has the impact of 9/11 been baneful or beneficial to Pakistan’s security environment?

Analyze. The second year of the new millennium was witness to an event which might have perhaps altered the geo-political structure of the world and gave birth to a whole new phenomenon, one, which has been directing foreign policy affairs of the world for .

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jobs. And counting. The numbers tell the story. Apple is one of the biggest job creators in the United States, responsible for two million jobs in all 50 states.

The Impact of the 9/11 Terrorist Attacks on the US Economy By: Olivia A. Jackson, PhD (March 3, ) Abstract: Following the September 11, , terrorist attacks on American soil, much shock reverberated around the world.

Jonathan Powell: '9/11 may have been the high water mark for al-Qaida' Jonathan Powell Photograph: Guardian 9/11 changed America fundamentally, far more so than outsiders realised at the time.

One of the first operational steps in preparation for the 9/11 attacks would have been to secure control of the World Trade Centre Complex itself.

This is crucial because without complete control, the setting of explosives to bring down the towers would be next to impossible without serious risk of.

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