Ian fraser essay

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Ian fraser essay

Early family life Born in Edinburgh, or born in Glasgow — which is it? Born in Glasgow, lived there for all of two years, moved to Edinburgh. There certainly was when I was a student, yes. But nothing too serious — just crossed knives at dawn!

My father was trained as a doctor, and then ran a diagnostic pathology laboratory for most of his life until he became a professional administrator in his later years. My mother Ian fraser essay a more conventional scientist — BSc, PhD. She was interested in zoology but eventually did a PhD in matters relating to the peripheral nerves of patients with diabetes.

Would you say you absorbed a culture of science at home, even at a young age? Well, my father was I guess he would forgive me for saying this more of a technologist. He was interested in getting things to do things; he was into automation in the laboratory, and he certainly would be building things.

He had a workshop in the house — still does, in his house up in Noosa — and he constructed things, usually from whatever was left over and lying around the place.

Certainly there was a little bit of science taught, but a lot more of it was about how you would practically solve a technical problem. Did you go ever into the surgery? On several occasions I went in to the hospital where my father worked, and played round in the labs.

I think he was hoping some of the scientific approach would rub off on me. Yes, I got much more practically involved in that.

She was doing her PhD while I was at high school, and she used to bring her work home with her — not, fortunately, the nerves, but the electron micrographs of the nerves — and I would sit there and count the diameters of nerves for her, because it was a sort of routine and technical thing to do.

And what are we learning by doing it? A curious one, I guess. I liked to take things to bits and put them back together again — or usually not manage to put them back together again. I was curious about the way the world worked. I remember thinking, even when I was five or six years old, that I would be involved in the practicalities of science somehow.

Were you very friendly, or solitary, or what? I lived in a very friendly neighbourhood. For example, we decided to build a tunnel through one of the Braid Hills, and we actually started in a quarry there, knocking rocks out [laugh] and gradually building a tunnel through.Essay on green architecture facade lgbt bullying essays.

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Ian fraser essay

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Ian Frazier is a staff writer at The New srmvision.com has been contributing to the magazine since , when he published his first piece in The Talk of the Town.

Ian Fraser is a South African writer and playwright, now a permanent resident in the US. His memoir, My Own Private Orchestra, was published by Penguin Books (South Africa) in and was nominated for the CNA Literary Awards.


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