Live concert essay

Tuesday, 05 September You should spend about 40 minutes on this task. Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Attending a live performance for example, a play, concert, or sporting event is more enjoyable than watching the same event on television.

Live concert essay

A Rock Concert A Rock Concert Through the years, rock stars have been providing entertainment with their unique and diverse style of music. However, a live performance by a rock star has an altogether different effect which elates one to higher levels of music thrill.

An opportunity of such kind came my way and I grabbed it with both my hands. What I did not expect coming, was a memorable journey into the world of sheer rock music. The stage was set on a huge piece of land with lights and all the vital equipments needed for the concert. Giant speakers were placed in the four corners to make the music highly audible.

Even before the event got underway, there were people everywhere. All of a sudden it felt like too many people in a small space. The crowd surged forward and back in one relentless wave like the wild waves of the ocean during a high tide.

In such a situation, none could help but to push and shove the others around. The crowd provided or allowed no personal space. We were all packed in there like caged wildcats. I had to move as the crowd allowed or insisted. Everything was done as a group.

Live concert essay

It was only one group of crazy fans fighting for that one glimpse of their favorite star. The crowd would shift as people passed out. This only allowed me to move closer to the front.

My First Ever Live Concert Experience - Paper

As one can tell, I was packed in until the end. The level of sound was astronomical. The decibel level was on the threshold of pain.

The music roared through the streets for miles and the crowd would go crazy. Every time the bass drum was struck, I could feel the repercussion in the organs within my chest.

It even made my teeth chatter. The floor beneath me seemed to move with the beat of each song. It truly felt like a festival of sensory overloads.

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At this instant, my body felt stimulated in every area to its complete capacity. The stage was a constant flurry of excitement. It presented a spectacular sight and the atmosphere sucked us into the aura of rock music. Plenty of pyrotechnics kept myOn luck essay january essay about machines environmental pollution pdf Write a film review essay millionaires Essay on add earth day the classic essay zulu girl, essay topic on mass media definition about life essay rabbit in english signing an essay conclusion should brainly ielts essay letter samples band 8.

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a critique of two concerts essaysMusic is one of the most unique performing arts due to the way it has evolved. Styles and melodies considered unfit in one era are displayed prominently in another. The two concerts previewed in this report have two different and distinct techniques. The first perfo. Concert Report Essay. November 18th, Concert Report I went to the Saint Julien hotel on October 15th, and saw the Laughing Hands play. Concert Report essay, buy custom Concert Report essay paper cheap, Concert Report essay paper sample, Concert Report essay sample service online The concert hall was full and people were very interested to follow the event. Chat live with an expert.

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- CONCERT REPORT #2 Beatles Z For my second concert report I thought that I would write about my only experience hearing songs of the Beatles live.


The Rib America Festival was hosted by The Beatles Live Repertoire. Concert Report Essay. November 18th, Concert Report I went to the Saint Julien hotel on October 15th, and saw the Laughing Hands play.

Essay Paper on Musical Performance The “Stokes Mitchell shows his versatility” music review by Linda Laban, the Boston Globe correspondent, is a review of Brian Stokes Mitchell’s performance on the stage of Sanders Theatre on Friday night.

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