Magazines market pest analysis india

One of which is the number of lawsuits it has faced due to copyrighted content. This has led publishers to take an extra precaution as they need to avoid future lawsuits.

Magazines market pest analysis india

The country has large population and it is concentrating on its education and IT development and it is growing its business in different sectors. Political Factors The political system of the country is strong and different political parties take part in active politics.

In the political environment, there are various elements like ideologies of different political parties, policies of government, interest of politicians, and they take action on different issues for the betterment of the people.

The taxation system of the government is well developed and people pay income tax, services tax, property taxes and sale tax. The government has adopted its privatization policy to improve the efficiency and productivity of the government. It has maintained the deregulation policy, international trade regulations, general initiatives, government stability and the international stability, which has created the economic development in the country.

The government pays attentions on different issues of the country and they are introducing some reforms to make it economically strong and productive. The elections are conducted at the end of the tenure of any government, so there is no political turmoil among the political parties.

Economical Factors The economic situation of the country is strong and it includes taxation changes, interest rates, inflation, economic growth, and exchange rates. The government introduced the industrial reforms in and there is reduction in industrial licensing, formation of FIBP, and liberalization of foreign capital, which has created the improvement in the economic environment of the country.

The country has encouraged the foreign investment in the country and new industries are being set up in the country. The country has massive natural resources of iron ore, coal, mica, titanium, manganese ore, and chromites. The country has enough foreign exchange reserves and it is paying attention on education, healthcare, banking, financial sector, and residential housing.

The government is making timely decision for investment and business policies for the foreign product manufacturers, executives, investors, and material suppliers. Social Factors The social factors of India comprise of various social trends and changes like values, festivals, languages, traditions, belief, lifestyle, demographic features and customs.

The majority of population is Hindu but there are Muslims and Sikhs are also in great number. The labor market of India and the social development index also show the social factors of the country, which are in deplorable conditions and they need to be addressed. Although there is religious freedom for the people of all religions, but the Hindu extremists have create violence against the followers of other religions and they take action against them from time to time.

They attack the people of other religion and government seems fail to control their atrocities, which encourage them to expand it in various other regions.

These activities have suffered the reputation of India and people hesitate to come to India to invest their amounts or visit the country as tourists. Various gang rape cases were also reported in different parts of the country, which show the alarming situation of the country. Technological Factors India has made significant advancement in technology and it has prepared new smart phone with latest specification and also did a great deal in IT technology.

It is focusing on product development and now introduced fresh cost cutting process. It provided 3G and 4G technology to its users and also facilitates them.

It has developed online gambling, MP3 players, computer games and high definition TVs and they can also do online shopping.Pest Analysis India. Marketing Strategy of WIPRO by Srinivas.

India's domestic IT market will grow around 14% this year, showing a minor decline as compared to last year's growth of %. Hence, it is expected that the country will see a minor decline in IT budget coming from its domestic market.

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Analysis of ikea in india5/5(12). PESTLE-PESTEL Analysis of India. by adamkasi | Apr 12, | Countries The labor market of India and the social development index also show the social factors of the country, which are in deplorable conditions and they need to be addressed.

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Economical Factors

Popularity of fast food does not cease to increase. Despite sweeping health consciousness, the industry has grown. A PESTLE analysis of fast food industry. Fast Food Industry PESTEL Analysis. From McDonalds to Subway, there are hundreds of global and local brands competing for market share.

Magazines market pest analysis india

Next, it is an era of social shares. Pest control services market segmentation by application, by service, by end – user, by key players and key regions. Growth of the global pest control services market is driven increasing pest population, attributed to the largely available food sources for small organisms and conducive living habitats.

India, officially the Republic of India, is a country in South Asia.

Magazines market pest analysis india

It is the seventh-largest country by area, the second-most populous country with over billion .

PESTLE Analysis of India in five Steps