Off premise laundry

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Off premise laundry

All information below is based on industry standard guidelines and should only be used as a guide. All applicable local codes should be met and may vary at the actual installation site.

Dexter On-premise Laundries Dexter washers will drain floor mounted no bases required.


Small loads accumulate faster keep the linen flow through the laundry. Use two or more machines when possible not restricted when maintenance is needed. Size alike for multiple machines ease of training, fewer parts inventory. Dryers Exhaust duct per dryer should be no longer than 14 ft. Use degree angles where possible.

Cleanouts should be installed at regular interval lengths. Multiple exhaust ducts entering a main common duct must be at degree angles or less and must never be connected directly across from each other.

Make-up air must be provided for each dryer from outdoors. Water Consumption Wash formulas and water consumption vary considerably by the program selected.

Hot Water Consumption Assume the rule of two-thirds of water consumed is hot. Incoming ambient water temperature subtracted from desired hot water temperature will give you the degree rise required for your hot water system. Drain Troughs If a trough is used, it should be about 12 in.

For trough length, add total washer s width s and multiply by 1.

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Always plan for maximum drain capacity, which is all washers set at the highest water level draining at once. Sewer Pipes Must be sized large enough to take away in one minute, 0.

Drain pipe sizing 3 in. For a laundry with lb Washers Only Electrical 60 Hz Isolated ground connected to green ground terminal at power connection at rear. Three phase connect to L3, L2, L1, N and ground. High leg or wild leg always connected to L3.

One phase connect to L1, L2, N and ground. Control transformer tap changed to actual measured voltage. If rotation is wrong, refer to installation manual. Plumbing Hot and cold water hoses installed with filter screens and connections tight. Drain line connected to the proper sized main drain.

Mounting Machine bolted with the proper sized bolts see installation instructions. All bolt holes on washer frame used in mounting procedure. Concrete thickness and quality adequate for model being installed see installation requirements.

Grouting Grouting required on all g-force models. Grouting strongly recommended on all other models.

RIPON, Wis. — The design and layout of an on-premises laundry room directly impact the workflow and productivity of the laundry staff. A “perfect” laundry room benefits not only the staff and the owner/operator, but also the cleanliness of the finished product. Designing a laundry room with optimal workflow increases employee efficiency and decreases labor expenses, ultimately providing. On-Premise Laundry Industries Dexter washers and dryers are found in laundries worldwide, including hotels, nursing homes, sports stadiums, corrections centers, and many more. Industrial On Premises Laundry Service. On Premises Laundries (OPL) was established in , to provide a high quality dependable on premises laundering services for companies who cannot afford the delays, risks, worries and problems that are associated with sending their soiled garments and textiles to offsite launderers.

Dryers Only Level dryer by using supplied leveling legs. Electrical V black wire is power side at rear power connection. White wire is neutral side at rear power connection. Isolated ground connected to green ground screw at rear.

Wire sized properly to supply terminal block. Control transformer tap changed to actual measured voltage tap.Write-off up to % of the cost The benefits of an on-premise laundry On-premise laundry – a case study A business that made the move to an on-premise laundry is the room Hotel Höltje in Northern Germany.

As a popular establishment, they were constantly generating dirty laundry; however. Some have decided to outsource the management function while maintaining the in-house laundry facility, while others have chosen to have their laundry processed off-site and turn the square footage of the on-premise laundry into revenue-generating space.

The premise is simple: Streamline laundry by providing pickup and drop-off, and unite dry cleaning and laundry in one service to eliminate separate trips to the old-school dry cleaners. What is considered on premise vs off premise for alcohol?

Off premises laundry is done after the staff's get finished oftheir work and so it will be easy for the laundrette. I was informed that their alteration, shoe repair, and dry cleaning services are done off premise and take a week. One star off because there isn't much seating available in the main area.

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Off premise laundry

Operating a successful on-premise laundry (OPL) takes more than just commercial-grade washers and dryers. It also takes a unique understanding of individual needs, from machine type and sizing to the layout of the laundry facility.

Off premise laundry
What is off -premise laundry