Piggery business plan sample philippines birth

Assist the piglet in breathing by swinging its head down or slapping it for a few seconds. Do not pull the cord away from the body while cutting so as not to cause hernia. Dip injured tip of cord into bottle of tincture of iodine. Whenever necessary, a watt bulb after 14 days of brooding.

Piggery business plan sample philippines birth

piggery business plan sample philippines birth

Pigs at different stages of growth need different environments temperatures. If they are to produce and grow to their maximum potential piglets need special protection against very low temperatures.

Growing and reproducing pigs must be protected against high temperatures. The houses must therefore be built in such a way that the pigs are protected against extreme temperatures and other bad weather conditions such as cold winds and continuous rain.

The boar pen Boars are kept separately in their own pen. One boar is kept for every 15 to 20 sows. On a pig farm with only 20 sows it is advisable to keep at least two boars, namely a young not too heavy boar for young sows and gilts, and an older boar for older, heavier sows.

You will therefore need two pens. Sows are brought to the boar to be served in the boar pen. This pen should be 9 to 10 m2, with the short side at least 2 m wide so that the boar can easily turn around in it.

The floor should be made of cement and must not be slippery.


It should slope towards the sides and to the front so that urine and waste water can drain into a shallow manure channel at the front of the pen. The walls must be of solid concrete or cement plastered brick.

Gates can be made of round iron pipes, with a 20 mm diameter, spaced vertically not further apart than 75 mm. The height of the gate and also the walls should be 1 mm. An under-roof sleep area, about a third of the size of the pen, must be covered in bedding. Straw, grass or sawdust can be used for this purpose.

A feed trough is placed in the sleeping area in such a way that it does not get filled with bedding. The trough for each boar should be to mm long, to mm high and mm wide.

Cool, clean water must be available at all times on the side where the gate is. The pig will also dung in this area. A small water trough with a ball valve to control the level of the water or preferably a pig-drinking nipple can be used. Make sure that the boar pen is well ventilated and draught free.

On very hot days boars can be kept cool by sprinkling them with water. Gilts and dry sows Gilts should be brought to the boar for the first time when they are 7,5 to eight months old.

Dry sows come onto heat three to seven days after weaning when they have to be served by a boar again. Therefore, keep gilts and dry sows to be served in pens next to or near the boar so that they can be checked for heat daily until they are served. Do not keep more than five gilts or sows in one pen.

Gilts and sows should not be kept in the same pen.This post is the long-promised summary of the costs and yield of raising two pigs for meat. I collected as much data as possible throughout the whole process with the hope of compiling a more complete picture than is often found online.

Additionally, I have attempted to presents costs from both a financial and an efficiency standpoint. Sun country airlines phone number conclusion of personality srmvision.comss plan template south africa doc.

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Feeding and nutritional strategies for weaned pigs, regardless of age, should be thoroughly reviewed on a regular basis to ensure success of your weaning age program.

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