Search warrant essays

As you read in Chapter 3, there are four basic classifications of evidence that can be applied to items of potential investigative value: Testimonial Evidence — Testimony or a statement provided by an individual detailing what they observed or experienced through any of their senses. For example, a witness may have heard tires screech and a loud crash but not actually have seen the accident.

Search warrant essays

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Warrant What it is: Warrants are securities that give the holder the right, but not the obligationto buy a certain number of securities usually the issuer 's common stock at a certain price before a certain time.

Warrants are not the same as call options or stock purchase rights. How it works Example: Occasionally, companies offer warrants for direct sale or give them to employees as incentive, but the vast majority of warrants are "attached" to newly issued bonds or preferred stock.

Warrants usually permit the holder to purchase common stock of the issuerbut sometimes they allow the purchaser to buy the stock or bonds of another entity such as a subsidiary or even a third party.

The price at which a warrant holder can purchase the underlying securities is called the exercise price or strike price. The exercise price is usually higher than the market price Search warrant essays the stock at the time of the warrant's issuance.

The warrant's exercise price often rises according to a schedule as the bond matures. This schedule is set forth in the bond indenture.

One important characteristic of warrants is that they are often detachable. That is, if an investor holds a bond with attached warrants, he or she can sell the warrants and keep the bond. Warrants are traded on the major exchanges. In some cases, where warrants have been issued with preferred stock, stockholders may not receive a dividend as long as they hold the warrant as well.

Thus, it is sometimes advantageous to detach and sell a warrant as soon as possible so the investor can earn dividends.

Search warrant essays

If the price of the stock is above the exercise price of the warrant, the warrant must have what is known as a minimum value. Warrants are not the same as call options. Call options are not detachable and they often have a shorter shelf life than warrants do usually less than a yearversus five or more for warrants.

They are also not the same as convertible securities, where the holder uses the principal of one security to purchase another security usually a bond issuer 's stock. Warrants are also not the same as stock purchase rights. Also, companies often issue stock purchase rights only to existing shareholders, and they also have very short lives--generally two to four weeks.

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Securities with attached warrants allow their holder to participate in the price appreciation of the underlying security Company XYZ common stockin our example. This is because the higher the minimum value of the attached warrant, the higher the value of the bond or preferred shares.

For example, the price of a Company XYZ bond with a warrant attached tends to rise as the price of Company XYZ common stock approaches the exercise price similar to a call option.

This opportunity to participate in the upside of another security albeit usually with the same company gives investors a little diversification and thus is a way to mitigate risk.

As a result, companies often issue bonds and preferred stock with warrants attached as a way to enhance the demand and marketability of the offering.

Search warrant essays

This in turn lowers the cost of raising capital for the issuer.NAILING THE BAR – How to Write Essays for Criminal Procedure Law School and Bar Exams 30 5) Was the search subject to the HOT PURSUIT exception so it did not require a WARRANT?

Under the HOT PURSUIT exception no warrant is required for police to enter property to arrest. Writing a search warrant is explained by “submitting a search warrant affidavit in court to a judge. A law enforcement officer presents a search warrant affidavit to a court magistrate. The police must provide sufficient specific and reasonable probable cause before a judge will grant a search warrant” (Gaia, ).


in arrest warrant OR exigent circumstances, ANY dwelling where suspect is – IF BOTH search and arrest warrants OR arrest warrant + exigent circumstances. 10 ALWAYS find a violation – such that Exclusionary Rule can be discussed.

A search warrant is a court order that a magistrate or judge issues to authorize law enforcement officers to conduct a search of a person, location, or vehicle for evidence of a crime and to confiscate any evidence they find.

In most countries a search warrant cannot be issued in aid of civil process. An aggravated with the situation, Ms. Mapp took the warrant and wiped her bosom with it. The officers arrested her an account she was "belligerent" and "rude".

While Ms. Mapp was in handcuffs, the police conducted an extremely though search of the house by breaking things and search through private drawers and desk. Principles of Digital Analysis Review the affidavit and search warrant for the search of a computer suspected to be evidence in a crime (previously provided by .

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