The special treatment on college athletes

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The special treatment on college athletes

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Many small colleges, in an effort to build revenue from sports just like big Universities do, end up losing more money because they do not have the same size teams, audiences, or number of skilled players, to build such revenue.

In addition to the issues of finances, there is a question of fairness. Athletes often get better treatment then non-athlete students.

Students who are not academically qualified for specific Universities are, of course, typically not accepted into that University- unless they are athletically qualified. Well, this kind of makes sense; if a student is entering into college as an athlete, they often are going to school mainly for that purpose- not as much so the education.

This obviously depends on the actual sport, the division level, and of course individual differences. This question cannot be answered very simply. First I will inform you guys a little bit more about how athletes are actually given advantages when it comes to admissions.

This area is largely unstudied, however, and there are no limits made by the NCAA or any national statistics regarding how many graduate or how far below typical academic standards colleges go for their athletes.

The purpose of special admits rolls right back around to the finances. If schools want to make money with their sports program, they need to be competitive, and to do this they use special admits.

The use of special admits often leads to the use of even more special admits at competing Universities.

The special treatment on college athletes

Interestingly enough, this is a higher percentage then the overall student body, which was estimated just above sixty percent. To say that the cause for this is strictly due to lucky treatment of athletes is hard to support, but there is definitely truth in saying that athletes are helped in their process through college; for example, they are often given priority scheduling allowing for easier time schedules and easier classes to be taken, and they are often given special tutoring as mentioned previously.

There are a lot of other aspects to look at when evaluating this. While this is true, the NCAA is ignoring the fact that many degrees earned by athletes are often worth much less than other degrees because the athletes did not have the time to focus on their academics. Obviously there are exceptions for this, but I would say that in this case athletes are not really being given an unfair advantage.

Is it unfair that more money is often given to athletes instead of strictly-academically driven students? Well, the argument here could be that if athletes are given scholarships, they are being encouraged to attend that school, increasing the schools competitiveness and therefor its revenue- which can then be given back to student scholarships.

But is this really something that is made directly unfair or is it more of just something that is annoying about the way the economy works?

The special treatment on college athletes

While there are conflicts that arise when discussing fairness and finances, I think one of the most controversial topics will be athletes and their health.

Hopefully this will be the topic of the next blog and I will get the chance to watch Concussion; if not it will definitely be the following blog topic.

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This is an ongoing debate. Preparing for your appointment. Your primary care doctor or a skin specialist (dermatologist) can diagnose athlete's foot.

You don't need any special preparations for an appointment to diagnose athlete's . Special treatment for athletes takes away opportunities from other students. A level classroom is as important as a level playing field – every person deserves an equal chance to succeed and play by the same rules.

——————————————————————————————————- NO: Through the years, society has stereotypically deemed athletes as less intelligent than non-athletes.

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Jan 09,  · For college athletes, such an organization already exists: It is called the National College Players Association, headed by Ramogi Huma, .

Hopefully, now, college athletes will be treated the same way as us “normal” college students. It took the NCAA long enough to figure out that athletes were getting unfair special privileges. They are investigating 20 schools for academic fraud accusing them of having student athletes earning.

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