Why india is among the top ranking countries essay

Interactive Measuring comparative levels of global inequality is far from straightforward. Is it fair to focus only on financial inequalities, or should we consider quality of life too?

Why india is among the top ranking countries essay

It has also been ravaged by widespread corruption. Unemployment and underemployment in urban areas are serious problems with most rural Zambians being subsistence farmers.

It is considered to be a part of the African continent, though it is many miles away from Africa. It is regarded as the fourth largest island in the world. The major business of the inhabitants is farming, fishing, and hunting. There is also high unemployment rate, particularly among the youth.

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Agriculture accounts for 58 percent of the gross domestic product. The sector is the largest employer with 80 percent of the population working in it. It was rather colonized by freed slaves from America. These slaves established a government that closely matches that of the United States of America.

Init was ranked th of countries. Niger, like many other African nations, suffers violence, political instability, crime and the bane of corruption. The International Monetary Fund once provided debt relief for the country through a program organized for Highly Indebted Poor Countries.

The country, located in the Horn of Africa, has about 29 percent of its population living below the national poverty line. Ethiopia has enormous potential for agricultural development, but the vast majority of farmers are smallholders.

These farmers are extremely vulnerable to external shocks such as volatile global markets and drought and other natural disasters. The pace of poverty reduction in Ethiopia since has been impressive, and particularly so when compared to some other poor African countries.

This is due to a long period of political instability which resulted in depressed economic activity, deteriorating social conditions, and increased macroeconomic imbalances.

The economy depends mainly on agriculture; fish, cashew nuts, and ground nuts are its major exports. It is well-known for the civil and tribal wars that have ravaged the country in the past.

The country has never really had any peaceful time and these prolonged wars have had a negative toll on the economy of Burundi hence it is one of the poorest countries in Africa. The Tanzanian economy is heavily based on agriculture, which in accounted for It, however, is one of the poorest countries in the world with the poverty levels being very high.

It is the second-largest country in Africa and the 11th largest in the world. It is also the largest country in the world that has French as an official language with its population being more than that of France.

Despite its huge population and abundance of natural resources, economic growth and development have been very hard to achieve in the country. This is mostly due to the continued conflict in the country which has involved at least 7 foreign armies.

This led to political instability and corruption. The country has also notably suffered from centuries of both commercial and colonial extraction and exploitation. This has greatly affected the country and its economy.Countries Leading the World in Cashless Transactions In many developed countries across the world, residents rely more heavily on cashless, E-money transactions than traditional currency.

Cashless transactions is the trend followed today by most people in developed nations.

Why india is among the top ranking countries essay

1 Information for this essay has been collected from science and medical literature 13th for citations and 21st for papers among the top-performing countries in all fields of medicine. But when a measure for quality was introduced it dropped in rank to (4). This drastic drop in qua lity ranking is important to examine.

Sri Lanka ranked among the top 20 global destinations in outsourcing / BPO consulting giant AT Kearney The growth of the IT-BPO industry in Colombo offers a unique advantage for Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) to enjoy premium access to a talent pool of high quality, which is becoming increasingly difficult in large established destinations such as India and China.

Its citizens also view their country as plagued by corruption, ranking out of countries ranked in Transparency International’s Corruption Perception Index. Bangladesh is an important provider of global security, consistently being one of the largest contributors to .

The world is divided into those countries that are industrialized, have political and economic stability, and have high levels of human health, and those countries that do not. They are among the poorest in the world.

along with a high HDI ranking and economic stability. Based on health-related indicators from the United Nations, World Bank and the World Health Organization for countries with at least one million people, one survey placed Singapore in an.

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